Summer Camp Smyrna Tennessee

If you are looking for the absolute best possible Summer Camp Experience for your child, look no further

Summer means that your child is out of school for several long weeks; it also means that you have to find a way to occupy them for those several long weeks.

Well, we are here to tell you that there is a safe, affordable and super exciting alternative to fill some of that time with fun that lasts long after it’s over. What we are talking about is American Martial Arts Karate Academy of Smyrna’s, Kick’n Kids Summer Camp Program.

With our camp, kids and their parents discover that we offer the coolest, most exciting and well-rounded summer camp experience anywhere in Tennessee. Our facilities and curriculum are specially designed to give your child a fast-paced and well-organized martial arts learning experience. Our classes are filled with age appropriate physical conditioning, basic martial arts and self-defense concepts along with more fun than they could have hoped for.

So much more than any other camp offers

A Kick’n Kids Summer Camp Program is much more than just stretching exercises and roundhouse kicks; we offer a full array of activities designed to keep your child occupied, engaged and having fun. Along with our world-class martial arts and self-defense training your child will be treated to;

  • Fun- filled field trips to area venues
  • Swimming and water sports
  • Traditional summertime games and team sports
  • Healthy exercise in the fresh air and sunshine
  • Free bully-proof work shops that build self-confidence and teach your child to handle bully and peer-pressure situations.
  • So much fun that they will actually thank you for being the “Greatest parents in the world” for sending them to American Martial Arts Karate Academy of Smyrna’s, Kick’n Kids Summer Camp

Our campers are boys and girls of all ages and experience levels and do not have to be a student at American Martial Arts Karate Academy of Smyrna; everyone is welcome.

Our professional camp counselors will become you child’s new best friend

Not only will you be impressed with our fantastic staff, but your children will find friends and positive role-models that will make lasting impressions on their lives.  Everybody here at Smyrna’s Kick’n Kids Summer Camp is professionally trained to teach our entire physical curriculum and more importantly, how to help your children to develop the core universal values of courtesy, patience, respect for others, self-control and integrity.

If this sounds good to you, we are waiting for your call

If you are ready to get your child on the road to better physical and emotional condition, help them become strong and self-confident and in the process give them the fun-filled summertime experience of their young life, give us a call today and let us help.

One of our top-notch staff members is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the steps of enrolling your child in Smyrna’s Kick’n Kids Summer Camp. Just call (615) 355-0981 and get ready t make your child very happy. 
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